Kent Creative

Independent cultural organisation promoting arts and culture across Kent.
Essentially, our objective is to make the work of creatives more visible.

We are based in Faversham, Kent, UK.


Our Vision is of a society that values creativity, arts and culture and actively enables and celebrates their contribution to our lives.
Our Mission is to promote the quality of the work produced by creatives in Kent.

Photo Kevin Ralph

Kent Creative was founded by Nathalie Banaigs 

French born, she has over 30 years experience in project management in the media, arts and culture sector. She first pursued a career in television in France as a freelance film researcher and then managing film and TV archives in the UK where she moved to in 2000.
After moving to Kent in 2002, she dedicated her work to the creative community and founded Kent Creative [Kent Creative Arts CIC] in 2009.

Nathalie is driven by:
. the desire to work towards positive change in the creative community;
. the desire to encourage collaborations, helping people connect with each other;
. the desire to create fruitful connections between arts and businesses;
. the belief that the value of creativity, arts and culture in Kent should be widely recognized for their contribution to our society.


I love art.

My mother was an artist, museum curator and modern art history teacher. Her painting work is very strong and very much an expression of her inner self. Lack of confidence and difficulty to communicate have prevented her from moving forward and up. I didn’t realise at the time that I could have helped her. The regret I have today is part of my identity and I am now channelling it into something positive for others, providing opportunities for creatives that I couldn’t offer my mother.

That’s the context.

Now, I live in Kent, a vibrant hub of creativity, where numerous artists express themselves through paintings, ceramics, sculptures, etc. My goal is to share this wealth of artistic talent for two key reasons: to support and promote the work of creatives and to enable others to enjoy the arts and culture that surround them. A vast range of creative work is available for businesses too, spanning from web design, photography, graphic design, to videography.There is also a huge talent that remains unrecognized.

I love what I do. With a strong desire to help, I have passion and energy. Through my involvement in the arts, I have had the privilege of witnessing the work of talented artists, attending exhibitions, and making friends along the way. Although there have been challenging times, my commitment to Kent Creative remains. For me, it is much down to connections, curiosity, and narratives. I get immense satisfaction from increasing the visibility of creatives and their work, as well as fostering connections that lead to positive outcomes.

Equally important to me is to bring arts and business together, recognising the value they bring to each other. This philosophy underpins a significant aspect of the Kent Creative business model, which involves sponsorship and forging fruitful collaborations.

It’s about togetherness.