Amanda Croft – 365 Faversham 2021

I am 53 years old. I am an English language coach and I have lived in Faversham for 24 years.

What’s your story with Faversham? 

Faversham is the town my husband and I chose to bring up our family because it had everything we could possibly need in a place to live: all the amenities of a town, but on the edge of beautiful countryside and a stone’s throw from the sea. And even though our family has grown up and left home, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It really has become our home.

Why did you decide to take part in the project?

I decided to take part in the project because it was something a little different. I have always loved to take photos of people and places and now I could do it for a purpose beyond my own pleasure.

What do you most like to photograph in the town? 

For me, photography is all about capturing the right kind of light. It’s not always easy, especially when all I use is a phone camera. Sometimes I don’t get the image I’m looking for or expecting.

Have you learnt anything about the town that you didn’t know before taking part in the project?

There are always surprises. The most difficult aspect will be too much light at the height of the summer, but let’s see we may get a week of rain!

Sunday 7 February 2021 – Gunpowder works lake in the snow – The lake by the gunpowder works. I crept down to the edge of the lake to look out through the drizzle-like snow and noticed the light hitting the centre of the water between the trees. I picked up a discarded plastic water bottle and left the waters edge. I do wonder who left it there?




Author: nathalieb