Andy Capon – 365 Faversham 2021

Andy Capon

Andy is writer and editor of The Spire, a local satirical news blog. I live on Market Place, which is a priceless location for a photography enthusiast also.

Tell us about your story with Faversham

I was born in Ilford, Essex but adopted and brought to Faversham when I was six months old. I was raised here but lived in Leeds, London, Canterbury and then Whitstable before returning to Faversham five years ago. It was the best move I made and was astounded by how much the town had changed for the better.

What is important to you about Faversham?

There is a huge sense of community in Faversham, quite unlike any other town I’ve lived in, and a thriving art community also. It’s just a shame that the current situation is stifling that.

Why did you decide to participate in A year in the life of Faversham?

Apart from writing The Spire, I love photography and the thrill of capturing a moment that will never happen again. I find everything of interest when it comes to photography.

Which camera do you use?

I mainly use my smart ‘phone and an entry level Nikon D3200. To be honest, the smart ‘phone is my preffered choice in terms of convenience and simply pointing and shooting.

What do you like to photograph?

The architecture, but mainly the people. I’m a people watcher and we have many interesting characters to focus on.

I tend not to plan photographs, as the results often disappoint. I have my ‘phone with me at all times and find that spontaneous pictures have more soul than
something that was planned, however well executed.

Have you learnt anything about Faversham, photographing for 365 Faversham?

Yes. Everyone in the NatWest queue is either a scientist, an epidemiologist, or a lawyer.

The butcher of Brogdale – quite simply, I wanted to take a picture of Brogdale butcher doorway as it reminded me of the iconic shot from The Searchers, in which John Wayne is framed by the door. At that point, a butcher stepped into view and brought the picture to life, making a little menacing in the process.

Sunday 24 January 2021 – Butcher of Brogdale – Iron Wharf






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