Anna Jameson – 365 Faversham 2021

I am 52, an office administrator at a local Fire & Security company, and I live in Fielding Street.

What’s your story with Faversham?

I have lived in Faversham all my life, apart from going away to college in Liverpool and London. I love the town, and always have, it has a wonderful range of people who live here, and a great sense of community. Currently it is of a small enough size that I can walk through the town and even though I might not see anyone I know, there will be lots of people who I recognise, who have also lived here for many years. It has always fascinated me what it is that people who choose to move here see in the town as an outsider.

What is important to you in the town?

In my opinion the creek is of huge importance to the town. I think that the existence of Industry in the middle of the town helps to keep the town down to earth

Why did you decide to take part in the project?

I enjoy looking for little bits of beauty in the town, and its local area, that is around us, looking for interesting images to capture, and like the idea of charting the town throughout the year.

Which camera do you use?

A samsung camera phone

What do you like to photograph?

I like photographing the creek, as I often wander along it, or sail on it. I would like to try to photograph the town coming back to life as social distancing restrictions are lifted.

A lot of my photos are taken during my early morning walks, but there aren’t many people around at that sort of time, so not many of my pictures have people in, but I am going to try to capture more photos with people in them.

Saturday 17 March 2021 – RNLI in Oare Creek – Hollowshore. The Whitstable RNLI had received a call to a pleasure craft which had suffered mechanical failure and was adrift in The Swale, it towed it up towards Oare Creek, and tied it alongside another boat at Hollowshore. Capturing the RNLI lifeboat on Oare Creek was quite a unique moment, with all the crew wearing masks, as they should be currently.  As we passed them near Hollowshore, they apologised in case they had got in our way, but we had also been trying to keep out of their way!

Sunday 3 January 2021 – Brewery reflections – North Lane Early Sunday morning and very little traffic so the reflection was very still and clear Brewery Reflections was difficult to take. I had often seen the reflection of the overhead Brewery sign in puddles of water on the road, but if there was any traffic passing, the vibrations in the road would cause movement in the water. It was a very early Sunday morning when I eventually captured this picture, and fortunately there was no traffic around.

Author: nathalieb