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How to make the most of sponsoring the arts?

Published on 23rd March 2023

Sponsorship refers to a mutually beneficial relationship between an arts organisation and a business, fostering collaboration between them, where the sponsor provides financial support or in-kind contributions in exchange for commercial benefits. By working together,…

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How sponsoring the arts can help meet your business needs

Published on 17th March 2023

When the worlds of art and business come together, they can form a powerful alliance that can benefit both parties and the community at large. The arts have a unique ability to inspire and connect…

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4 myths about arts sponsorship

Published on 24th September 2021

Through our experience talking to local businesses around Kent, we have identified four main misconceptions about sponsorship when it comes to arts events.   #1 It’s a philanthropic donation. This is the most common misconception…

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Who else wants to know why sponsorship is an effective marketing tool?

Published on 29th November 2017

Sponsorship is a much bigger thing than one might think. It is a very powerful and effective marketing tool because it increases  the impact your business has on people beyond awareness and promotion. Unlike advertising, sponsorship…

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