Colin Alderman – 365 Faversham 2021

Colin Alderman

I am Colin Alderman, rapidly approaching 60 year’s old, semi-retired, now working as a professional tour guide in Canterbury and a volunteer guide in Faversham. I live in Faversham, mainly.

Tell us about your story with Faversham

I have lived here for 10 years with my partner, part time at first but now our main home. The friendliness of Faversham people has made it easy to settle in. I love living in a town with so much history, so many stories to discover, and photography helps us to look with fresh eyes at sights we pass every day. The study of history has always been a central part of my life and this project complements this interest.

Why did you decide to participate in A year in the life of Faversham?

This is my second entry into Faversham 365 and I decided to participate again this year because I learnt so much about photography during the first. Learning to look was the first stage, spotting the possibilities and the angles to turn an otherwise mundane image or view into something that other people want to look at. Seeing the entries that others have made is a wonderful learning tool and I highly recommend taking part for anyone, of whatever level or standard, as you will see your images improve as the year progresses.

Which camera do you use?

You don’t need expensive equipment either. I use my iPhone 11 as it is always with me and easy to grab that opportune shot that would be missed if you had to set up equipment. There are free software packages that help to enhance and develop your photography. These enable a genuinely creative approach to be taken. Some images, for example, are considerably more expressive in black and white, and I learnt much about this from another Faversham photography project, Small Reflections.

What do you like to photograph?

The buildings, the countryside, and the people, are the three subjects around which I hunt for interesting images to record. This time I want to be brave enough to photograph more people going about everyday life in the town and in the surrounding villages. I’m particularly interested in seeing how important nature is to the life of the town, from the Creek to horticulture and agriculture. When the weather improves and lockdown ends, there will be much to explore!

I don’t expect to find something worthwhile every day but I hope to be on the lookout for possibilities every time I venture out. Sometimes the most mundane subject can offer a dramatic image. Last time I noticed a drain being pumped out on a main road, late at night. With floodlighting and figures drifting in and out of the picture, I caught some colourful and drastic images of a corner of everyday life that we don’t normally consider, until it affects us.

I’m looking forward to more people joining so I can learn from what they have found. Its so easy; pick up your phone, walk out your from door and start looking. You will be amazed at what you find!

Tuesday 9 January 2021 – Gossiping Over The Fence – Ospringe. Playful horses, uninterested in human activity around them.

Sunday 7 February 2021 – Even Superheroes can’t cope with Storm Darcy – Church Street. An epic battle in Church Street left these superheroes struggling in the snow. A set of discarded “superhero” models adrift in a small snow drift, looking as if they have just lost an important battle! Which also emphasises that the small can be as exciting and fascinating as the grand, sweeping image.




Author: nathalieb