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This website is owned, operated and maintained by Kent Creative Arts Community Interest Company (Kent Creative Arts CIC).

By accessing and using this website and by submitting your listing(s) to the Kent Creative Finder or browsing the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Listing A Submission

These T&Cs ensure that Kent Creative Arts CIC are able to offer the best service to the Kent Creative Finder submitters and also attract new submitters who are committed to developing a supportive community of creative professionals in Kent.

To get the most out of your Kent Creative Finder listings, you should update your data regularly.

You will be able to publish information in a number of fields corresponding to your listing status (package):

  • Free Listing: Submitters can publish their listing (profile) at no charge, with access to a restricted number of fields.
  • Premium Listing: Submitters pay a subscription fee for their listing in return for an access to all fields, and the opportunity (at extra charge) to be featured on the homepage.

Upon acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, your listing will be published on the Kent Creative Finder.

Subscription fees are payable in monthly payments and automatically renewed on a per month basis. Subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

Subscription fees are outlined on our website and are subject to alteration without prior notification.

The representative of an organisation making this application is fully authorised to make this application and to agree to the terms of this agreement on the organisation’s behalf.

A subscription cannot be ‘substituted’ by another subscription.

Kent Creative Arts CIC reserves the right to deny or cancel submission to any one deemed unsuitable for the Kent Creative Finder. No explanation needs to be given.

Publishing Content

You are responsible for your use of the Kent Creative Finder and for any content you publish. Make sure you are comfortable to share this content with users. You also are required t comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

You own all intellectual property rights in the content or you have a licence from the owner of the intellectual property rights to publish such content to be displayed on the Kent Creative Finder.

All content that you publish on the Kent Creative Finder is your sole responsibility.

You grant users of the Kent Creative Finder the right to access and share the content you provide.

All personal and corporate information you send us is only used by Kent Creative Arts CIC for its own business purposes. We will not pass on your details to third parties.

All registration details that you provide to us are true and correct and you will send us any updated information.

Content that is seen as offensive, harmful, inaccurate, inappropriate, mislabeled or deceptive will be removed. No explanation needs to be given.

We may not monitor or control the content published on the Kent Creative Finder. Kent Creative Arts CIC shall have no liability in relation to any information contained in submissions which have been made via the Kent Creative Finder.

Browsing Content

All text and images on the Kent Creative Finder are copyrighted and must not be used without a written agreement endorsed by individual authors and/or organisations. Any unauthorised use of this material is a copyright infringement. If you wish to use or license any of it, please contact the submitter of the contents.

Contacting Submitters 

You agree to only contact submitters in relation to the activities specified on their listings. You agree not to contact the person submitting listings for any other purpose (including any kind of marketing activity).

You agree not to pass information submitted to any third party, and to comply fully with Data Protection laws.

Failure to observe any of the above terms and conditions applicable to the Kent Creative Finder may result in your removal from these services.

Kent Creative Arts CIC accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by you as a result, directly or indirectly arising out of:

  • the conduct of any submitter or user of the Kent Creative Finder;
  • any technical or other failure of the Kent Creative Finder;
  • any dealings that you have with any submitter or user of the Kent Creative Finder;
  • any subsequent agreement or business relationships that you enter into with any person as a result of your use of the Kent Creative Finder.

Any submitter or user violating these terms and conditions or breaching any applicable laws can have its listing(s) suspended or cancelled at the discretion of Kent Creative Arts CIC.

Other activities that can lead to suspension or cancellation of listing include cancellation of Standing Order Instruction, inappropriate and unprofessional contents or behaviour, spamming submitters via email, or aggressive promotion. In such circumstances, no refund of fees will be made.

We may update these terms from time to time at our discretion. Amended terms shall become effective as soon as they are placed upon the website.