Debbie Lawther – 365 Faversham 2021

Debbie Lawther

I’m almost 74 – retired from IT project management, resident of Faversham since

What’s your story with Faversham?

I moved to Faversham with friends after an IT course in Canterbury. The house we found was the only one for miles with two large bedrooms. I joined the Folk Club, a book group, Friends of Faversham Creek, the Faversham Society. Made friends, then friends with their friends. As I’m sure many people would say, it’s hard to walk thru the Market without meeting someone to greet. And in this way, Faversham holds me. The town and people here reflect back to me my life over the past 33 years. It’s home.

What is important to you about Faversham?

I love the historic nature of the town. I especially love the Creek. There’s something I can’t define, but means that things happen here – the usual calendar of festivals, from Transport in Spring, thru Hop Festival to Carnival, and all the ones in between. People start new things here – the Hat Festival, the Literary Festival. Often I have to choose between things to go to! Other new things, like the 365 Projects, Faversham Eye, Faversham Community Boat Build.

Why did you decide to participate in A year in the life of Faversham?

I like the organisation the 365 project give to my otherwise random picture taking. I like being part of a community project. I was really proud to have a few of mine selected in the 2018 project – maybe I’ll have some in this time too.

Which camera do you use?

I use my iPhone SE – it’s the only camera I have.

What do you like to photograph?

I look for good composition, pictures that tell a bit of a story, and I’m trying really hard to make sure I get people in.

Have you learnt anything about the town that you didn’t know before taking part in the project?

How many talented photographers there are here! I think I’m slowly becoming a better photographer…

I’ll keep on keeping my eyes open and the project in mind. It’s fun, sharpens your seeing, helps you feel connected, and easy to submit with the terrific new form from Kent Creative.

I’ve photographed a little girl engaged in scientific experiments, testing out how rain puddles work in the Market. I’ve been thinking of my own childhood recently, and this little girl reminded me of what’s it’s like to adventure into new territory.

Friday 29 January 2021 – Puddle Fun – Market Place, Faversham. A little girl in little boots getting to know how it works with puddles


Author: nathalieb