Designers and Makers Christmas Market 2023 – CALL TO ARTISTS

Call to Kent designers and makers.

How to submit your work

  • Submissions ARE CLOSED
    You will be asked to provide a brief description of the items you intend to sell, their price range and your website address. You will also be able to upload up to 6 images of your work. We recommend you prepare your answers and images in advance to avoid losing your information in case of a disconnection.

Terms and Conditions

  • Submissions are accepted from designers and makers living and/or working in Kent.
  • The Designers and Makers Market is a selling show where all works are made available for sale.
  • Submitted works must be small objects that can be presented on a 180cm x 80cm table such as ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, 3D objects (wood, metal…), textile works, prints, photographs, decorative items… Works that need to be hung on walls cannot be accepted.
  • Kent Creative and Turner Contemporary will select works from submissions following criteria based on quality and public appeal. Their decision will be final.
  • A table (180cm x 80cm) with white cloth will be provided to each exhibitor.
  • Wi-Fi will be available for card payment devices. Kent Creative can take cards payment on behalf of exhibitors who don’t have a device. We will transfer the paid amount to your bank account minus a 2.75% fee.
  • All stall holders need to have Insurance (including Public Liability) of which we would need to have a copy if your work is selected.
  • Artists already stocking in the Turner Contemporary Shop will need to present different products at the Designers and Makers Market.
  • Stall holders are required to man their stalls during the market and deal will all enquiries from the public. It is the stall holders responsibility to ensure the safety of their products throughout the day. Kent Creative and Turner Contemporary are unable to be responsible for their stock.
  • All exhibitors will have their contact details passed onto the Head of Retail at Turner Contemporary to review as potential new suppliers.
  • A participation fee of £105 will be charged if work is selected for the 2 day market.
  • A 20% commission on sales will be charged afterwards.

2023 timeline

  • 24th February: submissions open
  • 30th June (5pm):  submissions deadline
  • 5th July: the names of the 22 selected artists will be announced.
  • 5th July: an invoice will be sent out for the payment of the participation fee.
  • 12th July: the full payment for the participation fee must be received.
  • Friday 1st December: set-up day
  • Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December:  the market is open to the public.
  • 5th December: an invoice will be sent out for the payment of the 20% commission, based on sales.

Kent artists, makers and designers are invited to submit their work for the Designers and Makers Market held at Turner Contemporary in Margate on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Our goal is to showcase the work of Kent based designers and makers whilst creating an opportunity to sell directly to existing and new customers, in one of the main cultural venue in the county.

The event – in its 6th edition – allows exhibitors to promote what they do and also to meet customers and other creatives.

What last year exhibitors liked best:

To be a part of a group of people with good quality products. A fabulous selection.

Meeting other makers, feeling part of a community. High standard of products, professional presentation in a cultural venue which attracts the right type of customer.

The location is perfect and highlights the work. Clientele were super enthusiastic. Instructions were clear and made it extremely stress free.

A steady flow of people and a good crowd.

The group of makers and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Great venue and very well organised. Great mix of visitors.

Everyone very friendly and supportiv

Previous events

  • See pictures of the previous markets HERE.


This event is organised by Kent Creative in collaboration with