Kent Creative Connect – Faversham Meet-up – Thursday 6th February 2020

For artists and creatives to meet, talk, share, work together, learn from eachother etc...

A FREE meet-up designed for artists, creatives and practitioners to meet, chat, collaborate, learn and support.  A simple get together with like-minded creative people, to include:  

  • Presentation(s)
  • One-to-ones
  • Group discussions
  • Opportunities to discuss projects/prototypes/ideas with the group and get useful feedback.  

Programme of the day

  • 10:15 Everyone arrives and chat with other attendees.
  • 10:30 Welcome.
  • 10:40 Going round the group. Name and activity from each attendee.
  • 10:50 Presentation followed by questions / discussions.
  • 11:20 One- to-one chats between attendees randomly linked in pairs.
  • 11:35 Questions round. Attendees ask for advice and ideas.
  • 11:55 News round. Attendees share information about exhibitions, performances, funding, commissions, referrals, successes etc…
  • 12:15 Networking
  • 12:30 Close

FREE. Just turn up and introduce yourself.

We only ask that you buy a tea or coffee to support our venue. Please buy your drinks on your way in and join us.

Where: The Phoenix Tavern, Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent , ME13 7BH

When: 10:30 to 12:30

Contact in Faversham: Jo Martel