Kent Creative Connect – Folkestone Meet-up – 29th March 2019

For artists and creatives to meet, talk, share, work together, learn from eachother etc...

A FREE meet-up designed for artists, creatives and practitioners to meet, chat, collaborate, learn and support.  A simple get together with like-minded creative people, to include:  

  • Presentation(s)
  • One-to-ones
  • Group discussions
  • Opportunities to discuss projects/prototypes/ideas with the group and get useful feedback.  

The programme of the day:

  • 10:15 — 30-60 second (max!) round table intros (if you wish but no pressure).
  • 10:30 – Invitation to write down any questions or requests for help/advice from the group. So if you are looking for a bit of advice or feedback on an idea, it’s an opportunity to get feedback & gauge response.
  • 10:45 – Beth and Leo Harris are new owners of the H5 Bar and Hotel in Shakespeare Terrace, Folkestone. They have imaginative plans for the venue and to start with they would like to discuss ideas for redecorating the hotel rooms. There are potentially 5 different rooms/spaces, and the bonus is they’re keen to offer opportunities to artists to create a mix of styles throughout.Beth will be with us to introduce her ideas for the project, and is excited to see how many Kent based artists would be interested in being involved.The couple plan to invite local media to visit the completed venue so this is a gem of an opportunity for anyone who works them.  The PR for your practise will be amazing”.
  • 11:00 – News Desk – sharing information of exhibitions, performances, funding, commissions, referrals, successes etc.
  • 11:30 – Question Time – read out and invite answers/suggestions to questions.
  • 11:45 – General networking.
  • 12:15 Close.

FREE. Just turn up and introduce yourself.
We only ask that you buy a tea or coffee to support our generous venue who allows us to meet FOC.

If anyone would like to use our meetings as an opportunity to educate, explain and describe their skills, business or services please contact Bev Saunders or Clare Hamilton to book a meeting date.