Kent Creative Online Meet-up – Friday 17th April 2020

For artists and creatives to talk, share, work together, learn from eachother etc...

A free meet-up designed for artists, creatives and practitioners in Kent to chat, collaborate, learn, share ideas and get support.  Because it is nice to see people.

It’s a simple get together with like-minded creative people supporting each other during the Coronavirus crisis. It’s about building a more robust community for artists and creatives where the support comes from the community itself.

FREE. To attend, SIMPLY CLICK ON THIS LINK just before 10:00am

  • 10:00 – Logging in and warming up…
  • 10:05 – Participants briefly introduce themselves for 30-60 second each (Only if you wish, there is no pressure).
  • 10:15 – Round the screen, one by one, to talk about our experiences so far adapting to new circumstances due to the lockdown, using [new] digital tools….
  • 10:45 – Question Time –  other questions or requests for help/advice from the group. If you are looking for a bit of advice or feedback on an idea, it’s an opportunity to get feedback & gauge response.
  • 11:00 – Close

Prior to the meet-up, we invite you to:

  • Read HERE the results of the survey we recently published on our website, so we can discuss issues. That will give you a good idea of what many of us are going through at the moment.
  • Think about the digital skills that you think you need to adjust your work to the current situation. 
  • Make notes of useful information and tips that you can share with everyone. 
  • Read our list of resources that we think will be useful to you. Feel free to suggest anything else!


FREE. To attend, SIMPLY CLICK ON THIS LINK just before 10:00am


  • If you use a laptop or a mobile phone, place it on a table so that it does not move when you speak. This will prevent other participants from getting seasick! 🙂 
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are working.
  • Use headphones,  rather than speakers to avoid causing echoey background. 
  • Avoid other background noises.