Kent Creative Online Meet-up – Friday 14th May 2021

Artists Griselda Mussett and France Tetreault

A simple get together for like-minded creatives and artists to chat, learn, discuss ideas and get support. It’s also a good time to get feedback from the group, share news, reflect on the past weeks and talk about all things creatives..  It’s about building a more robust community where the support comes from the community itself.

  • 10:00 – Logging in and warming up and introductions
  • 10:15 – Artists Griselda Mussett and France Tetreault
  • 10:50 – Share news, promote events, ask for help or advice from the group, get a bit of feedback on an idea…
  • 11:00 – Random one-to-one sessions talking to another attendee in the group.
  • 11:15 – Close
  • Some extra time for an informal chat…

Griselda Mussett

Griselda Mussett has rapidly developed as an artist in many media, taking advantage of the remarkable artistic community in which she lives.  Recently, she launched a new adventure in abstraction,  moving into unknown territories….


France Tetreault

Through experimentation with paint and collage, Canadian-born abstract artist France Tetreault strives to portray the feelings we encounter when we connect with a piece of music.
Mostly self taught, she takes inspiration from many genres of music, as well as from her own personal experiences in the music business. Sheet music, titles and lyrics play an important role in both the inspiration and creation of her paintings, often taking the spotlight.


Many free hours go into organising these free meet-ups. If you enjoy attending and benefit from them, you may like to show your support and consider donating to Kent Creative (click on the Donate Now link at the top of the page).Thank you!

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