Picture the Creek

How do you see Faversham Creek?

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Until Tuesday 30th September 2014

We’re asking people young and old to share their views of Faversham Creek.

You can take a photograph or send one you’ve already got – maybe one from long ago. Or you can draw or paint a picture and scan it or photograph it.

Most importantly: tell us something about it:

  • What does it show?
  • Something you like, something you don’t like?
  • Something that caught your eye or made you curious?
  • Something you’d like to see more of, or less of?
  • Something that brings back memories, makes you angry, makes you laugh, makes you sad?

Your pictures will be shared on this website, on social media platforms and at an exhibition in Faversham in the autumn.

All details on the website


PICTURE THE CREEK is a community project organised by the Brents Community Association and Amicus Horizon Housing Association.