Call to artists

Art exhibition

The Faversham Autumn Festival is a brand new arts and culture festival taking place in various venues across Faversham over the weekend of 13-15 November 2020.

A ‘bijou’ festival, the Faversham Autumn Festival aims to offer the best possible events. We want to lift residents’ spirits and connect the local community through the arts as we head into winter.

We are organising an art exhibition where Faversham based artists are encouraged to submit work around the theme of ‘Storytelling’. The festival wants to support talented creative professionals by providing them with a platform after so many months of being unable to shine.

As an artist, you tell stories through your artworks. How your audience feels about your work is determined by the work itself of course, but it may also be by how you put your information together. With a compelling story that is understood and remembered (rather than just a title) people relate emotionally to your work. It impacts on how they react and fall in love with you and your work.

  • Artists must be living and/or working in the Faversham area (includes villages situated up to 10 miles around Faversham market place).
  • Categories of visual art works include painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking, photography and sculpture.
  • Each artist can submit up to 2 pieces of work.
  • Artworks will be selected by gallerists Myles Corley (Linden Hall Studio, Deal) and David Lilford (Lilford Gallery, Canterbury/Folkestone). They will select works from submissions, following criteria based on quality and public appeal. Their decision will be final.
  • The artworks will be available for sale. If sold, it will be the artist responsibility to arrange payment from the buyer and delivery of the work.
  • A 15% commission will be invoiced during the week starting 16th November 2020.
  • By submitting works, artists agree to be committed to pay the commission fee.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 16th October 5:00pm

How to submit work

  1. Submissions must be made online from HERE.
    You will be asked to provide:
    an artist statement so the judges can get a good understanding of the work.
    . 1 to 3 photos for each piece showing the work from different angles (do not underestimate the importance of quality photographs). Please name each file with the title of the work and then number them (title-1.jpeg; title-2.jpeg; title-3.jpeg; ). Format jpeg or jpg. 1MB maximum.
    a title for each piece
    . the dimensions of each piece (HxWxD in cm). 150cm maximum.
    . a short text for each piece (up to 1,000 characters ). That is your story, that will make the jury and the viewers connect emotionally to the work.
    . the selling price for each piece.
    . your website address.
  2. You can submit up to 2 pieces.

    We recommend you prepare your answers and images in advance to avoid losing your information in case of a disconnection.



This allows a judging process in two parts where a pre-selection is made digitally, followed by the final selection made with the works seen in the flesh.
Should the COVID-19 situation worsen, we will make the judging all digital.

  • Friday 16th October
    Submissions deadline
  • Monday 19th October
    Jury members make their pre-selection
  • Monday 1st November
    All artists will be contacted and told whether their application has been successful.
  • Thursday 12th November between 1pm and 4pm.
    Artists whose work has been selected will need to deliver their artworks to 12 Market Place, Faversham, ME13 7AE. Each artist will be allocated a specific time slot. If artists are not able to do it themselves, they must arrange for someone else to come.
  • Thursday 12th November between 4pm and 6pm.
    Judges will meet make their choice for the final selection.
  • Thursday 12th November evening
    All artists will be contacted and told whether their work has been selected.
  • Friday 13th November between 9am and 11am.
    Artists whose work has not been selected will need to collect their artworks. Again, each artist will be allocated a specific time slot. If artists are not able to do it themselves, they must arrange for someone else to come.
  • Friday 13th November
    Set-up day. Kent Creative will be responsible for the curation of the show and the hanging of the artwork. Their decision will be final.
  • Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November
    The exhibition is open to the public.
  • Monday 16th November
    All remaining artworks must be collected betweem 10am and 11am 12 Market Place, Faversham, ME13 7AE
  • Monday 16th – Tuesday 17th November
    An invoice will be sent out for the payment of the 15% commission, based on sales.

Delivering artwork

  • Artworks must be ready to hang with hanging devices attached.
  • Each artwork must have a label at the back, mentioning the title and the name of the artist.
  • Artists can also deliver a pack of business cards and/or flyers available for visitors to pick up.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Good luck!