Fenella Ross – 365 Faversham 2021

My name is Fenella Ross, I am a Teacher of Art &Photography & a Private Tutor, I live in Maidstone and am in my fifties, right in the middle at 55.

What’s your story with Faversham?

I have visited Faversham with my family, and as they have grown my children have enjoyed charity shop days, looking for treasures to up-cycle, book shops, the market the quays and further out attire Creek, we walk, I photograph and we eat, drink and eat ice-cream when we can. I used to visit the Print Workshop.

What is important to you in the town?

The Quays and the waterways, always a draw for me as photographer and artist, the art and music based venues are good places to visit, inspiring buildings and the lovely market area.

Why did you decide to participate in A year in the life of Faversham?

I am a photographer, with a passion for land and seascapes, I love quirky imagery, those in street photography and find the old architecture inspiring, the quirkier the better. I feel I need a motivator currently due to the pressures on us in this lockdown.

Which camera do you use?

Slr Digital Canon, not sure which one as I have couple of go to cameras, these are my favourites for speed, clarity and ability to use manual is all I ask, I am competent with the use of filters and find these add mood to images. I don’t use a phone for my photography, tending to use the phone for daily instagram posts.

What do you like to photograph?

Anything near the water, architecture, unusual and out of the ordinary – street scenes, the creeks that criss-cross the area and the relevant buildings.

Always managing to have those gremlins (persons) in my shots, but happy to wait for them to move on, I often find they make an impact when not expected.

I’m hoping for some brighter, but not too bright days, light but not blue sunny skies, these perfect days don’t work for me, I aim for mood and rather like the skies to have variation of colour and cloud, as I often use a wide angled lens for land/seascapes, and occasionally in portrait/street photography for effect.

Have you learnt anything about the town that you didn’t know before taking part in the project?
Not yet, but I’m sure I will.


Be brave, people may look but so what, that’s what I do, just hiding behind the camera, relax, walk enjoy…

Friday 26 February 2021 – ‘Dance like no one is looking’ – Market Place. ‘Dance like no one is looking’ – She was dressed for a night out, but didn’t care about the time, she danced her way wildly across the road from the Guildhall.


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