Follow these SEO Tips to optimise your listing in Culture in Kent

In an increasingly digital world, artists and creatives face a unique challenge: standing out amidst the vast online landscape, with the internet becoming a major global platform for showcasing and promoting artistic talent.

We created Culture in Kent as an online directory to become a local, centralised and comprehensive platform, dedicated to connecting creative individuals and showcasing a wide range of cultural events in Kent.

We want to help you maximize your visibility on Culture in Kent and reach viewers and potential clients. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

Understanding how to optimise your online presence within the directory is essential. In this blog, we explore actionable tips that can improve your online visibility. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, musician, a festival, an arts organisation, or any other kind of creative, these tips will help you rise above the digital noise.

Why is SEO crucial ? The answer lies in the power of search engines. When people search for artistic work, creative services, a specific person or organisation, cultural events or simply inspiration, search engines like Google serve as the gateway. By understanding how search engines work and optimising your listing accordingly, you can significantly increase your chances of being found by potential supporters, clients and collaborators.

Remember, your work deserves to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience. By leveraging the power of SEO, you can break through the barriers of traditional promotion.

Craft a Compelling Title

Create a captivating and descriptive title for your listing that accurately reflects your work and what you offer. Include relevant keywords that people might use when searching for your work.

For example, if you’re a painter specialising in landscapes, consider a title like “Kent Landscapes – Acrylic Paintings by [Your Name].”

Use Relevant Keywords

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify popular search terms related to your activity and your location (Kent). You can use Google Ads for this.
Think about what you want your listing to be found for. Turn it into a phrase and reduce it to the most important words. Include this at the beginning of the description of your listing. When users search for that phrase, they should find your listing. Incorporate these keywords throughout your listing, including in your title, description, tags, and also in the interview section.

It could be: “chalk drawing workshop”, “author of nature books”, “handmade silver jewellery”…

Be careful though not to overuse keywords, as this can harm your SEO. Aim for a balanced and organic integration.

Write a Detailed Description

Provide a comprehensive and engaging description of your work, including your unique style, techniques, inspirations, achievements, exhibitions, etc.
Google needs a minimum number of words to better understand what your text is about. Aim for a minimum of 300 words to ensure search engines can extract sufficient information. Your text needs to berelevant, of quality and user-friendly. Don’t write something just for the sake of it. Remember to use your relevant keywords!

Write in an active voice

It will make your writing stronger. Write naturally throughout the description and maintain a conversational tone to appeal to both search engines and readers.

For instance: “2,000 people attended our last event” rather than “Our last event was attended by 2,000 people”

Add High-Quality Images

Include good quality images that showcase your work and projects. Visual appeal is crucial for attracting visitors and potential clients. Optimise the images by using descriptive filenames and captions that include relevant keywords. This will not only contribute to your SEO efforts but also enhance the visual experience.

Include links

When your listing includes links to other pages, it helps search engines find your content more efficiently. This increases the likelihood of your listing being included in search engine results. Links are also seen as votes of confidence. For instance, link to people, organisations, places and events that you refer to in your description.

However, as for most things, try and focus on quality over quantity!

Regularly Update Your Listing

Stay active and keep your listing fresh by periodically updating it with new information, new work, new images, new events, etc. Regular updates show users and search engines that you’re actively involved in your activity. Aim for consistency in your updates, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, to maintain relevance in search results.

Use Social Media

Promote your listing and engage with your audience through social media platforms. Share your work, creative process, upcoming exhibitions, and any other relevant news. By linking back to your listing on Culture in Kent, you create valuable backlinks that can improve your SEO ranking.


Implementing these tips will help you enhance your online listing’s SEO and increase your visibility within Culture in Kent and beyond.

Author: nathalieb