Calls to artists

Why is there a fee + commission to exhibit at Kent Creative’s events ?

We do not charge to enter, but we do charge to participate if work is selected. Kent Creative is an independent organisation that is privately funded. It doesn’t receive public money to function.

When it comes to group shows, we find that a mix of participation fee + commision on sales is a fair way to be involved and a good compromise. We occasionally seek sponsorship in which case we lower the cost to artists.

Putting together a group exhibition has a cost: we pay for things such as the venue, the printing and distribution of flyers, the photography during the event… and of course we spend time organising it all, promoting it, curating it, installing it and invigilating it. As a participating artist you drop your work off on the set up day and go. It’s a no-hassle way of exhibiting. You don’t have to invigilate either although we recommend you are present from time to time to connect with audiences.

You also benefit from other activities around the event to include interviews with artists published on our website and social media networks and a set of photographs taken during the event that you can use.

Does the work have to exist before submission or can we submit an idea?

The work doesn’t have to exist when you submit. You can submit an idea, providing you show images of similar work in the submission and explain what you want to make for the show.

If I made a series of similar but not identical notebooks, would they each count as single piece, or could they be considered as a whole?

We consider multiple small size works as a whole if they are similar and clearly part of an ensemble, so you can show them as one piece. For instance, if you make notebooks, two or three of them can be shown together in the show as one piece (you can replace sold ones by new ones).

It would work the same way with ceramic works. The 3 pieces might be made of 6 mugs on a table, 3 vases on the fireplace and 1 clock on the wall. Because pieces will be displayed in the room as if it was a home, we wouldn’t have 6 clocks on the wall, but when the clock sells, it can be replaced.

Why are you recommending that we attend an exhibition we are part of?

Visitors are often interested in the artists making the work as well as the work itself. Although it is not essential, we believe it is for your benefit that you are present from time to time so you can talk about your work, meet visitors and deal will some of their enquiries. Being present at a group exhibition is also an opportunity to meet fellow artists and develop connections with others.

Why are you asking that we have our own public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you from legal claims for injury or damage as a result of your activities as an artist (teaching in a workshop, installing an exhibition, organising studio visits…). Our events involved artists and members of the public, so it is recommended that you have your own insurance.

Why do we have to send you information via online forms and not by email?

The forms we use are integrated with our database system so the information you send us is automatically added to your record, rather that us copying and pasting it all  manually. This ensures the information added to your record is correct as it comes directly from you. Also, it saves a bit of time at our end!