Connecting through art: the power of stories

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge – Canterbury
2nd December 2023 – 25th February 2024

Storytellers is a captivating group exhibition that celebrates the profound connection between art and storytelling.

Through the works of 23 contemporary artists across various disciplines, Storytellers explores the idea that artworks convey narratives, trigger emotions and inspire discussions.  Stories possess the remarkable ability to forge emotional connections and impact people’s perceptions of the world. While the visual appeal of artworks is undoubtedly important in its own right, we need to recognise that each piece often contributes to a larger narrative

Artists who contribute their talents to this exhibition include Brian Aris, David Begbie, Steve Bloom, Chris Blunkell, Antony Bream, Catman, Billy Childish, James-Lee Duffy, Joel Ely, Caroline Forbes, Louise Giblin, David Hayward, Brook Hobbins, Jill W. Holder, Cas Holmes, LUAP, Stephen Melton, Rod McIntosh, Tracie Peisley, Perou, Hugh Ribbans, Mbeke Waseme, Charles Williams.

The “Storytellers” exhibition invites visitors to delve into the diverse narratives embedded within each artwork. These narratives may find their roots in personal experiences or draw inspiration from global events, but artists all share a common aspiration: to translate their perspectives of the world into creative expressions.

The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to access these narratives not only through written descriptions but also through audio files where they can listen to the artists themselves discuss their work, offering an intimate glimpse into the thoughts, emotions, and inspirations that fueled their works. This immersive experience allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the artists’ intentions and the stories they want to share.



Artist Talks:

Saturday 9th Dec 2023

  • Jill W. Holder
  • Perou

Saturday 16th Dec 2023

  • Hugh Ribbans
  • Louise Giblin

Saturday 13th Jan 2024

  • Steve Bloom
  • Charles Williams

Saturday 20th Jan 2024

  • Tracie Peisley
  • James-Lee Duffy

Saturday 3rd Feb 2024

  • Cas Holmes
  • Joel Ely

Saturday 10th Feb 2024

  • David Hayward
  • Rod McIntosh

In partnership with 

Lilford Gallery, Canterbury