Huxley ten years on

Huxley was featured in the 2007 book of Project 365 as a baby, photographed by his dad on 27th July 2007. His Mum Kathy took a picture of him exactly 10 years later on 27th July 2017, with little brother Thomas born in 2016.
Kathy says: “It was a pleasure to take part in 2007/2008 and absolutely wonderful to be able to look back and show Huxley, now 10, the pictures of him in the book. Wouldn’t it be lovely years from now to take another photo of the brothers showing a story in photos of Faversham on this day? It will be very special.”

Friday 27/07/2007 – My son, Huxley, at 20 days old. A new(ish) Faversham resident – Andrew May

Thursday 27th July 2017 – Huxley and Thomas, Stonebridge Pond – Kathy West


Author: nathalieb