Jonathan Neame’s portrait by Peter Smith

Our second photo session with Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive of Shepherd Neame – headline sponsor of  ‘A Year in the Life of Faversham‘ –  took place on Friday morning, 13th April 2018.

We wanted to photograph Jonathan in a different environment than his work. We offered to follow him at Oare Marshes, where he often walks his dogs.

Photographer Peter Smith met with him and young spaniel Otto. Peter explains:

“I only had one hour for the photo shoot so I’d visited the location the day before to decide on the focal points, consider the extra lighting that I may need and to take test shots to review back at the studio.

On the day itself the British weather lived up to expectations and was dull, foggy and very grey. Jonathan arrived wearing black with his lovely, black, dog Otto; the combination of all these elements was challenging, but hopefully my photographs capture both the personality of Jonathan and his dog, as well as the peaceful charm of the Nature Reserve. “



Author: nathalieb