Kent Creative Awards 2016 – Winners


33 finalists out of 144 entries

  1. 3D art and objects
    Winner: Kate Linforth

    Finalists: Joan Mac Karell | Salt Design

    Winner Kate Linforth says: “It was fantastic to know that my work was appreciated not just by those who took part in the project but a wider audience felt it deserved recognition. The reward helped towards the introduction to the relief of gallery who now houses some of my works and also link to me to some other people who may be helpful for future projects. I have used the logo in the recent correspondence and feel that it may add a little gravitas when planning to open calls etc – I have recently been accepted to exhibit at the current LifeDeathWhatever exhibition in  he National Trust’s Sutton House, Hackney. I will continue to use the logo in correspondence for the next few months as I feel it can only be a positive and message me out amongst others. The  art world is very competitive and sometimes the art created is not enough to get an artist noticed. Having such an accolade can only be a positive when you are trying to get your work noticed.”

  1. Design
    Winner: Newton Paisley Ltd 

    Finalists: Salt Design |  Storm Bird Design
  1. Visual Arts
    Winner: Julia Groves
    Finalists: Thirteen Media LTD | James Cockburn

    Winner Julia Groves says: “I am grateful to have won the award as it demonstrated that others are interested in my work and that my practice is appreciated. This is very helpful when I get those times of insecurity. Winning the award has a ripples – not sure where they are going – but it was a significant event for me this year.”

  1. Audio-visual
    Winner: Genetic Moo 

    Finalists: Emma Pierce | – Margherita Gramegna

    Winner Genetic Moo say: “Winning awards is always important, especially when you are an artist working in ways unfamiliar to many. We use computers, code and graphics to create immersive and interactive video installations which are typically exhibited in shopping centres, libraries and museums. Winning the Kent Creative Audio Visual Award was a confidence boost as it gave us proof there is interest in what we do. Since winning the Award we refer to ourselves as ‘award winning artists’ as opposed to just ’emerging’ artists and we are sure that this has movated people to commission us. It is great to have recognion for what we do, especially from our home county. This award not only encourages us to carry on exploring digital art and its potential, it endorses digital technology as a valid medium.”

  1. Performing arts
    Winner: Richard Navarro

    Finalists: Knuckle and Joint Theatre Company – Rebecca O’Brien & Peter Morton | Jim Jam Arts – Sue Blakesley & Sadie Hurley
  1. Publishing – Sponsored by Stormchasers
    Winner: WOW Magazine
    Finalists: The Middlesized Garden Blog | Wordsmithery 
  1. Event of the year
    inner: Deal Festival
    Finalists: Best Fest & Canterbury Festival

    Winner Deal Festival say:
    “We found that winning the award had a very positive effect on everything we did whether locally or nationally We gained the ACE Catalyst Evolve for future development and working with young people with our pTrumpets and pBones and it was great to advertise our win in the application. We have found it very productive for marketing and gave us added recognition further afield. It was also very important in our dealing with Artists and Funders It gave us assurance of how other see our work.”

  1. Cultural venue of the year – Sponsored by Shepherd Neame
    Winner: The Marlowe Theatre
    Finalists: The Alexander Centre | Folkestone Quarterhouse
  1. Creative business of the year – Sponsored by the FSB Kent & Medway
    Winner: Folk in the Barn
    Finalists: Lilford Gallery | Fable & Base
  1. Arts organisation of the year
    Winner: Dover Arts Development
    Finalists: Jim Jam Arts | The Creative Foundation

    Winner Dover Arts Development say: “The award came at a brilliant time, just before a major DAD event in Dover’s Town Hall: INSPIRATION = DOVER. The event opened with speeches from Charlie Elphicke MP, Sarah Dance from Culture Kent and Chris Mellor from the Arts Council. We were able to announce the award to all our guests and we received public congratulations from our VIPs. The award was also well-timed as 2016 is our 10th anniversary year and we are embarking on a new phase for DAD. The recognition through the award has boosted our confidence and the confidence of others in us and supported our ambition for the arts in Dover.”

  1. Creative Champion of the year
    Winner Leah Thorn says: “The bigger the benefit has been making new contacts. After your intro to Tracie Peisley (thanks again!) I had a “Older Women Rock!” Pete in the Skin exhibition in Whitstable and she introduced me Pro to the profanity Embroidery Group. Two of them have already made pieces for the OWR! pop-up shop and on meeting them as a group around further collaborations. Invaluable development for me as an artist.”
    Finalists: Laura Callaghan Grooms  | Wendy Daws


Judges decided to add Special Mentions for individuals who produce outstanding work and/or have a particular impact on their communities:

  • Salt Design (Stella Chapman & Victoria Johnstone)
  • Jo Dyer
  • Joan Mac Karell
  • Christopher Sacre