Kent Creatives Surveys

We want to support and promote the creative sector in Kent. To do this, we need to get others to understand it better.
If you work in the arts and culture world of Kent, take our surveys to help us do that....

We want to understand the creative sector in Kent better. From time to time, we run surveys to find out more about people, organisations and their work practices: who they are, how they work, what works for them and what doesn’t.

We analyse the information we receive so we can adapt our activities and support what they do.
We also share the results with other organisations who may want to take action and make Kent a better place for those who work in the creative sector.

We have designed two different surveys:

They include different types of questions. Most of them are mandatory so the results only include completed responses, providing a more accurate result.
Questions that require writing are not mandatory.

It will take you between 10 and 20 minutes to answer this survey, depending on the number of questions you answer to. Do grab a cup of tea and put the radio on!

The surveys are anonymous and we are not asking for your details so you can answer all questions freely.

Thank you very much in advance!