Make the most of your Profile Listing

View your Profile Listing on Culture in Kent as one important tool in your larger marketing and promotional strategy. Here are a few things you can do to make the most it.

  1. Make sure that your listing is up to date with your latest work. Keep it fresh and relevant, showing potential clients that you are proactive. Also, your contact information should be correct, so that users can easily get in touch with you. You can log into your account to update your listing at any time.
  2. Be sure to showcase your skills and style in your listing description. Use language that accurately conveys your creative vision and highlights your strengths (See our tips-for-creating-a-compelling-profile). This will help you stand out from others and attract the right kind of opportunities.
  3. Include good quality photographs in your listing, a selection of images that showcase your best work. A strong portfolio can really make a difference in attracting new fans.
    When posting images, please follow the guidelines. Files must be less than 2MB. The  recommended ratio is 3:2 (1080 x 720 pixels). Images are displayed in a Landscape format. If you upload a file in Portrait format, it will be cropped. Generally speaking, consider creating several formats for your visuals so they work on several platforms.
  4. Remember videos! A Premium profile allows you to add links to 2 videos, so if there is something out there – on Youtube for instance – that shows your work, why not sharing it on your listing?
  5. Add testimonials. Encourage your clients to send you some reviews. Positive comments help build trust and credibility, and can be a powerful tool for attracting new clients.
  6. The interview part of the Profile allows you to tell your story in more depth. Don’t underestimate how powerful that can be…
  7. Consider promoting your listing through your own channels, your social media platforms, your mailing list, your email signature…. Share your listing with your followers and contacts and encourage them to check it out. The more exposure your listing gets, the more opportunities you may receive.
  8. The monthly online meet-ups are an additional benefit which we encourage you to take advantage of, an opportunity to connect with other members and get to know each other. We are offering this during the year 2023 as a way of getting to know each other in a small group, offering feedback and support. There is real value in this!
  9. We share your listings on all our social networks at least twice and in our newsletter once. Make sure you see it and interact out there.
  10. Publish your events on Culture in Kent, as well as your listing. Whether you choose the Free or the Premium option, they can be linked to your profile so viewers will see them when they visit your profile.
Author: nathalieb