Mary Ransom – 365 Faversham 2021

Mary Ransom

Mary Ransom – age 58 – freelance secretary, volunteer at The Faversham Society and Faversham Food Bank, secretary and tenor horn player with Faversham Mission Brass. Living in Faversham.

What’s your story with Faversham?

I’m born and bred Faversham, along with my father and mother. I can trace my father’s line in Faversham back to the 1770s, most of whom were chimney sweeps. I love Faversham and its history.

What is important to you in the town?

Its heritage and history. I also love the independent shops and try to support local wherever I can.

Why did you decide to participate in A year in the life of Faversham?

I’ve been involved in other 365 projects in the town and love to see other people’s take on the town as well as being able to see inside the usually closed doors.
The 2009 365 project was the first one I was involved with and one of my photos was chosen as second prize for best photo overall selected by the viewing
public. This really surprised me as I am only a very amateur photographer and it has encouraged me to continue.

Which camera do you use?

I use a Canon 100D although for short walks where I don’t wish to be lumbered with equipment I use my phone which is a Motorola.

What do you like to photograph?

Faversham has such a rich history. I like to photograph the views and buildings associated with the town which can only mean “Faversham”. I have been coordinating The Faversham Society’s calendar and Christmas card for several years and use my images for that (along with other photos sent to me). We always try to show Faversham at its best.
I rarely plan my photography although I try to photograph something different each month particularly thinking of calendars and changing views through the seasons. I don’t always have a camera to hand but the phone is always there.

Have you learnt anything about the town that you didn’t know before taking part in the project?

There is a diverse local industry within Faversham and its surroundings that I wasn’t aware of as much as I am now.

Don’t ever think “I’m not good enough to enter”. Everyone has a talent and story to tell.
Thanks again to Nathalie for organising this project. Always great fun!

Saturday 13 March 2021 – Armchair Rugby – Come On Boys! – Home.



Author: nathalieb