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The Faversham Eye

The Faversham Eye is a local newspaper that proudly labels itself as “A New Kind of Newspaper For and About Faversham.” It has gained immense popularity in the community for its innovative approach and its commitment to providing relevant content, with a blend of local issues and insightful features. What sets The Faversham Eye apart is its dedication to keeping the community informed without any cost, as it is distributed free of charge to local residents. Alongside its traditional print format, the newspaper also has a  website  that caters to a wider audience.

The Faversham Eye: Website

JJ Systems

J & J Systems was formed somewhat unexpectedly when James and Jacqui, former colleagues at an IT dealership, received a request for help from an old client. This marked the beginning of their journey as a Managed IT Service Provider. The company’s core values of working with likeable, ethical, and professional clients and team members have remained unchanged over their 25-year history.

Initially focused on accountancy software consultancy, J & J Systems has evolved to provide a comprehensive range of services to small businesses in Kent and the South East. Their offerings include backup solutions, Windows and Office 365 management, infrastructure management, disaster recovery, and communication services. With a dedicated support desk and experienced engineers, the company aims to simplify technology for businesses, ensuring security, efficiency, and effective management.
Recognising the complexities of IT, internet connectivity, and security, J & J Systems aims to provide straightforward advice to business owners, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

The company also demonstrates a commitment to the environment, incorporating LED lighting, electric vehicles, solar power, and responsible disposal of equipment.

J & J Systems actively supports local charities, particularly focusing on Living Words, a Folkestone-based organisation working with people living with dementia. Through events and fundraising efforts, including a charity ball, they have raised £25K for the Alzheimer’s Society and Living Words.

As a family-oriented business led by James and Jacqui, J & J Systems values its knowledgeable and diverse team. With plans for growth in staff and client base, the company is always seeking talented individuals to join their team, ensuring continued support for their expanding clientele.

Jacqui Offen says:

“We are thrilled to become a sponsor of Kent Creative. At JJ Systems, we recognise the value that arts and culture bring to our community. This collaboration opens up new avenues for us to reach a wider audience and extend the reach of our brand. By aligning ourselves with Kent Creative, we aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship that will allow us to make a meaningful impact together, fostering creativity and providing opportunities for creatives to showcase their talent. “

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