A Year in the Life of Faversham 2021

Showcasing the life of the town in photographs over one year.

365 Faversham | Participants | Partners | Jury | Photos 

The idea behind this community photography project is to showcase a year in the life of Faversham as seen through the eyes of residents, with 365 photographs (one for each day of 2021)

Participants have been encouraged to capture how they live, work and play, events taking place in the area, but also hidden activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see. We want the viewers to be charmed by the variety, aesthetics and authenticity of the photos, what they show of people’s lives, their environment, the events that animate the town over the seasons, the businesses that energize it and the places and buildings that surround it.

The project is designed to get people together to share their visions of the place they live in and create a collective memory. We also want to keep a historical, social and cultural record of life in the town, for posterity. With the Covid 19 pandemic, it is possible that we changed era in 2020. We may not get back to the world we were in before. Therefore, this project is all the more important as a testimony and social record.

The project was open to all.

It will culminate in an exhibition from 21st to 24th May 2022 and a book.

If you own a business in Faversham you want to be part of this exciting project and connect with our community! Contact us to talk!

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