Faversham 2021- How to take part

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Read below to find out how to register and send your photographs

  • The project is open to all. Anyone living or working in Faversham and the surrounding villages, or visiting the town, can contribute and submit photographs.
  • Pictures must be taken any time between 1st January 2021 and the 31st December 2021. 
  • Photographs must illustrate life (people, places, activities, events….) in Faversham (ME13 postcode). Villages and areas slightly outside this area and seen as part of Faversham life (i.e. Conyer,  Graveney, Newnham, Seasalter…) are accepted.
  • Participants can take pictures as often as they like during the year.
  • Each individual photographer can submit 2 photographs maximum for each photographed day.

1 Read info

Do check our Terms and Conditions

Do read our guidance page (includes release forms) to help you understand about possible restrictions when photographing for the Project 365. It simply is common sense and it’s about being respectful of others, that’s all.

2 Register

Register with the project by filling in our online form HERE. This will automatically add you to our database so you will be receiving news and updates about the project.

3 Check the participants’ calendar

Although it is not compulsory to make any commitment, we’d like you to book at least one week during the year. By committing yourself to take photographs during several days, you will help with the organisation of the project: it will guarantee that each day of that week is photographed,  reducing the risk of not having any photo at all. Basically, this means is that you will send us up to 2 photos taken each day (total of 24 pictures for the 7 days). That’s the challenge!
Simply check the online calendar HERE and pick a week that is free.
Once you have decided which week(s) you would like to cover, let us know  via email: studio[at]kentcreativearts.co.uk.

Note: this doesn’t have any impact on the way yourself or other photographers get involved; or on the way you wish to photograph other days. Anyone can send pictures at any time during the year.

4 Check the file format

Your photographs must be in the form of digital files, in the following format:

  • Format: jpg only
  • Minimum photo size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Resolution: 72 dpi is only just ok… but 300 dpi is much preferred for printing quality.
  • Max size: 8MB. If you really really wish to send larger files, please contact us.
  • Images must not be embed with any watermark, borders, logo, website address, etc…

Important note: files that do not follow these requirements will not be accepted. 

5 Send us your photos

It is important that we receive your photographs with information attached to them. To facilitate the process both from your end and ours, we have devised an ONLINE FORM. For each photo, you will be asked to tell us the following:

  • The date it was taken
  • Its title
  • Its location (where it was taken)
  • A description (if you wish to provide more details and tell a story)

You can send your pictures at any time. It is not required that you send them the day you took them.

Please note that Chrome is the best browser to use this form.

6 Share 

  • Use #365faversham when posting on social media

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