A Year in the Life of Folkestone 2020

Showcasing the life of the town in photographs.

On 1st January 2020, “A year in the life of Folkestone” was launched, the 9th edition of our Project 365 series. This series of community photography projects is unique to Kent. Our goal was to showcase life in Folkestone throughout the year 2020 as seen by local residents. 366 photographs (one for each day of the year) were presented online.

During the year 2020, 77 participants joined the project and were encouraged to capture how they lived, worked and played as well as events that were taking place in and around the town. The group of keen photographers started to photograph their town every day of the year. Sadly, the COVID pandemic hit everyone in March, launching a long and difficult period. By 31st of December 2020, they had submitted 1426 photographs, of which a jury panel selected one for each day of the year, thus completing a collection of 366 photographs. These images create a collective memory, a historical, social and cultural record of life in the town during a very special period of time indeed.

365 final photographs were displayed online. Viewers were charmed by the variety and aesthetics of the images, what they show of the town’s life over the seasons.

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