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Henry Oldfield Trust

Richard Oldfield, from the Henry Oldfield Trust:

“We are delighted to have supported the putting together of this collection. These photos capture the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the exuberant and the bleak. They will be, as a whole, a wonderful record of a year which we hope will turn out to have been unique.”

Folkestone Town Council

Town Mayor of Folkestone, Councillor Michelle Keutenius:

“I would like to congratulate Kent Creative and all the photographers who took part in A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF FOLKESTONE project. It is an outstanding achievement during a time of uncertainty, shown perfectly via the lens and the changes Folkestone residents and wider community faced, in real time. The project captures the essence of our town, from the amazing locations, historical sites, to our most vulnerable residents sleeping in tents and the quietness of a Town during repeated National Lockdowns. It shows the reality of the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly. With snapshots of the simple pleasures and excitement in communities like Folkestone. “

The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space

The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space is the University for the Creative Arts’ research hub, exhibition and project space in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

Edge Bespoke Picture Framing

A friendly, professional picture framing service based in Hythe, Kent.

They’re passionate about presenting and bringing out the best in your artwork, photography, textiles, collections and treasured possessions, anything you would like framed; but more than that they want you to really enjoy your involvement in making them look great.

Whether you’re designing an interior, preparing for exhibition or just not sure how you would like to see something framed they’re here to help. It will be transformed into something really special, and can be preserved for the future.

Bev Saunders says: “I’m Bev; a Lincolnshire lass who relocated to Kent in 1997 and passionate about art, colour, design and interiors. With an emphasis on a quality product and a friendly, fun service, picture framing is also a passion. My mission is to help clients, creatives and galleries bring out the best in their artwork and protect special items that are, destined for future generations.

Great design goes without saying, but what’s going on behind the scenes is just as important. Using quality materials and techniques I protect client’s work for as long as possible. When you think about it, I never know when I’m framing work by the next Damien Hirst, and encouraging young talent brings on the next generation of creatives. In short, I present, protect and preserve what I’m asked to frame.

I’m pleased to partner this great project because I’m really keen to promote the arts and to widen the experience of art to as many audiences as possible.

To many, the arts can feel a little bit elitist, out of reach, and a snob value can make the arts feel unapproachable. There is no better way to give people an introduction than to give them the opportunity to be involved in something they can relate to, where they live, work, rest or play, and today everyone has one or two means of taking a photograph without the need for expensive equipment.

This is a project that can only be completed by the community, without it there would be no project. Everyone has the opportunity to be exhibited and to be published; many artists would “die” for such an opportunity.

I’m also keen to be involved with this project to support the fabulous work that Kent Creative does across the county. The 365 Project has been successful on 9 previous occasions and it’s a real privilege to help bring it to Folkestone. Everything touched by Kent Creative is positive and there are always hidden and unexpected benefits such as new character/business building experiences, lessons, introductions, contacts etc. Kent Creative is a joy to partner, the Folkestone 365 Project has got off to a great start and it’s going to be the best yet”.

Folkestone Camera Club

Do you have a passion for all things photographic?

It doesn’t matter if you use a high end camera or fantastic phone camera, Folkestone Camera Club provides an opportunity to improve your photographic skills and knowledge.

We run ‘learn more’ educational evenings to help you to develop new skills and a ‘meet up’ programme to share your knowledge with other people, like you, who are also keen to learn more about photography. Our members have varying levels of expertise but the one thing we all have in common is the need to continue learning and the willingness to help each other. There is always something new to learn in the world of photography.

Many people love to test their photographic skills in friendly competitions. Our competition nights provide you with a barometer to gauge your skills as a photographer against other members of the club. For our major competitions we invite an external judge to access and comment on our images. Sometimes we like what they say and sometimes we don’t! Come along and judge for yourself.

Our programme, for the new season, can be viewed on our website:

“Folkestone Camera Club members are looking forward to supporting and contributing images to this exciting project. Very impressed with the books we have seen from the previous 365 Projects.

365 opportunities to take an image!  What better way to practice using your camera, one might even be lucky  to be published in the book for the Folkestone 365 Project.”

Melanie Chalk, President of the Folkestone Camera Club