Faversham 2008

The first exhibition of A Year in the Life of Faversham took place in 2008. 52 photographers submitted approximately 1400 photographs taken between 1st July 2007 to 30th June 2008. 366 photos (one for each day) were selected and presented at the Drill Hall in Faversham from 30th August to 7th September 2008, attracting 2000 visitors.

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Some comments from the visitors

  • Excellent, excellent, excellent! Really enjoyed this. Thank you. Theresa.
  • This is the Faversham I know and love.
  • What a great idea. Really fascinating photos. Glad I live here! Steve.
  • We are new to Faversham. What an amazing introduction. Well done.
  • First rate show. Thank you. Pam.
  • Well done to everyone. You are all the winners. Brian.
  • Brings out the magic of Faversham very well. Brilliant!
  • Loved the whole thing.
  • Fantastic exhibition. Well worth the visit.
  • Great concept and a great variety of images of the town. Inspiring to see beauty in the ‘ordinary’ things of life.
  • Interesting views of Faversham through other people’s eyes. Pam.
  • It shows just how fabulous the town is and the people in it. Thank you. Katie.
  • Very enjoyable. Lots of talent. Genevieve.
  • Fantastic photographic colelction. Congratulations. I enjoyed every minute. Claire.
  • Fantastic. I have walked out full of enthusiasm to pick up my camera again. Kate.
  • A real treat to see my home town caught so very well. Great idea!
  • I want to live here please!
  • Utterly brilliant. Must buy the book.
  • Bravo!
  • Fantastic. So familiar. Thanks!
  • You must be so proud of all your efforts!
  • You made my day.
  • Fabulous idea. I knew we lived in a unique and special place and the wonderful pictures confirm this better than anything. To use the Drill Hall is inspired. What a space! An archeologist.
  • Real pleasure!
  • Wonderful, simple idea. Reminds you what a great town is.
  • Lyrical show. Inspiring and timely. Thank you.
  • Fantastic. What a wonderful idea. Should be continued year after year.
  • Brilliant. Great shots. Terrific. Joan.
  • Amazing. Thank you!
  • Wonderful overview of Faversham life.
  • It was amazing what the eye sees and the camera takes. I loved it all. Sue.
  • Thank you for all your hard work. Please do it again next year. We both loved it. Pete and Jill.
  • A fantastic exhibition and a great show of the Faversham spirit. Andrew.
  • A really wonderful exhibition, a wonderful idea. Well done! Have loved seeing all the photos. Wonderful to see such support. Well done to everyone. Kathy.
  • It’s a great exhibition. I love it! Georgia.
  • Etc…


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