A Year in the Life of Faversham 2018

Photographic challenge recording the life of the town in 365 days.

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This “A Year in the Life of Faversham” exhibition was held 12, Market Place between 1st and 9th September 2018.


A few words from some participants:

Colin Alderman

I joined 365 Faversham with the twin aims of learning more about taking photographs that others may want to look at, and to help me explore Faversham from a different perspective. I feel that I’ve had some success with both. I’ve been looking at scenes, places, people and objects to find the best way of presenting them, what they would mean to someone else, and to consider if they are interesting. I’ve also learnt how important editing can be!

It has also made me more alert to the life of the town, the nuances that I may otherwise have missed by just walking past. Stopping to watch from a different angle, perhaps. Listening as well as looking.

I really don’t want 365 Faversham  to stop! But now I must find projects and themes of my own to take forward.

Jay Barton

It spurs me on to try and take a picture every day and I have done a couple of 365s of my own as it forces you to keep going. Photography is my 2nd job and hobby. I absolutely love taking photos.

Alexandra Campbell:

I decided to take part in order to improve my photography, and because I think it’s such a fascinating project.

At first, I didn’t consciously set myself a challenge, but I soon realised that many of the photos I submitted were taken from windows. It’s completely different from being down on the ground. You can often see more or see things differently.  – a view down a road from a high window can show how many trees it has much more clearly than if you photographed the road at street level. You can also see the body language of groups of people more clearly. And photographing through glass also makes a difference to the final effect. I took a photograph from the attic windows of the Alexander Centre through its original historic glass, which distorted the view and made it look hand-painted. And another through the Barley Mow displays to Preston Street outside which created patterns.

I feel I’ve learned something about how I look at the world.

Karen Evans

Being involved in this project has opened my eyes even more to the beauty of Faversham’s architecture and people, and the surrounding countryside. I’ve loved the challenge of finding novel things to photograph each day for a whole week and being part of something much bigger than me and my phone alone.

Anne Golesworthy:

Faversham has a great community spirit and I enjoyed being a part of this project.  This is what Faversham does best – getting together to create something special.  It reinforces my belief that the people of Faversham love where they live and the people around them

Carol Mitchell

Taking part in Faversham 365 challenges me to find new and different ways to portray the town and its people. It helps me improve my photographic skills

Mary Ransom

A fantastic community project to be involved with in my home town from birth.  This is the third time now that I have been involved with 365 Faversham and I have enjoyed being part of it very much.  There is so much happening in Faversham it is difficult to choose what to photograph and I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be for the judges to choose just one photo for each day.  Faversham has such great community spirit and well done to all the organisers!

Si Root

‘I don’t get as much time out with my camera as I’d like so when I do, it’s good to be able to make it count. Due to time constraints, I often look to the local area for inspiration too so the brief for this project fitted pretty well with my own personal approach to photography.

I really enjoyed searching for locations around the town and surrounding villages. It’s a test of the photographer’s skills to capture those aspects and features of a building or landscape that others don’t see, so I hope that the photos I’ve taken show the character of Faversham, and help tell the story of its rich history and heritage.’

Toni Huxley

This was a wonderful experience, thoroughly enjoyed taking part, opened my eyes to some lovely sights and some not so nice sights. The people in some of my pictures were more than happy to take part