Faversham 2018 – Sponsorship

Association through Project 365 is very powerful. Sponsors have opportunities to get their businesses in front of members of the community in Faversham, both residents and visitors, throughout our media campaign and up to the actual exhibition during the Hop Festival in September 2018.
We want to create lasting win-win partnerships with our sponsors that are mutually beneficial and that enhance the entire project.

As a sponsor of A Year in the Life of Faversham:

You are part of an event that

  • promotes Faversham and motivates visitors to explore the town;
  • gets everyone involved to learn more about the area;
  • brings people and communities together;
  • makes people feel better about where they live;
  • increases people’s participation in photography and the arts;
  • keep a historical, social and cultural record of life in Faversham.

You connect with 

  • Faversham residents during the lifetime of the project (one year);
  • Local businesses, whether they are sponsors or participants;
  • Hundreds of visitors to the exhibition during the Hop Festival 2018 (the last exhibition in 2012 attracted 2,200 visitors in 3 days)

You increase your presence in Faversham by:

  • Getting exposure through multiple media platforms before, during and after the exhibition;
  • Boosting your social media presence and engagement, with access to visual contents;
  • Reaching your target market in a way advertising doesn’t: being actively involved;
  • Associating your company with a motivational and positive event, encouraging participants and visitors;
  • Having a visual presence at the exhibition and in the book.

You have opportunities to:

  • Get photos of your organisation on social media, in the exhibition and in the book;
  • Network with everyone involved: participants, sponsors, visitors…
  • Get your products and services in front of a live audience.

We offer bespoke sponsorship solutions to match sponsors’ goals and budgets. Do feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

To take the opportunities to be involved contact Nathalie Banaigs: studio[at]kentcreativearts[dot]co[dot]uk.