Project 365 – Testimonials

Its been such a pleasure and really re-ignited my love of photography.

…Matt Linehan – Whitstable

I was asked to talk to a delegation of Chinese government statisticians about the interaction of central and local government around Climate Change.
I have a friend who often lectures in China and I asked him for some tips. He said it was very likely that at the end of the presentation I would be given a gift and so I decided it would be nice to reciprocate.
I really had no idea what to give (whisky is popular but the group was about 30 people).
So I thought a copy of 365 – the Faversham version would be nice.
The leader of the group seemed genuinely pleased to be given a gift and delighted with the book. I explained a little about Faversham – it’s where I live and the number of historic buildings etc.
So now the book has gone to Shanghai!

…Janet Hill, Swale Borough Council – Faversham

Last year I visited Melbourne, Australia, for my son’s wedding. I knew that I would be asked by people about the town in which I live, and I also expected to invite some to stay with me in the UK when they come over. I decided to take a couple of 365s with me as they show so perfectly the community in which I live. It was a huge success, not only in helping me describe my life, but also in encouraging people to visit me. – brilliant.

…Jill Holder – Faversham

This project has been a wonderfully inclusive and inspirational experience.

I now feel a part of our community, looking at the nooks and crannies of our town and meeting people with cameras, we are all photographers.

Thank you Kent Creative Arts for the gift that is this project and all the workshops and encouragement freely given, I will savour this 12 months of my life.

… Sue Carfrae – Whitstable

I have to say thank you also to you and Nathalie for encouraging all of us out there to pick up the camera and start thinking about what matters in this community.

…Nick Cordes – Whitstable

Great to see so many locals have picked up on it and are submitting some really good stuff. Hopefully when the weather improves and the days get a little longer we will see a wider range of people interaction, on the beach, in the high street etc. as well.

Early days I know but a really good start.

…Brian Didmon – Whitstable

I think this project is brilliant – every artist needs inspiration, and there is nothing like having a purpose to get you out of bed.

The 365 project does this and you don’t have to go far. Capture something about your day, do something to make your day worth capturing. Keep it simple and honest, discover the intimate rather than the bigger unknown. It’s the detail, the familiar, the what-are-you-missing that’s important in this project. Don’t discover, rediscover.

…Diane Griffiths – Canterbury

As the year progressed and more photographers took part so the quality of the shots became better, more varied and creative. The inspiration for my part was to embrace this and become more critical of what I was doing. I found myself eased out of the last few weeks by the rush of volunteers eager to take part, and this was a good thing because I felt as if I was part of some dynamic project that was growing quickly. When it had to end, I was at a loss for a few days, but, confident now that I could take some good pictures, I was encouraged to submit to the Kent Photo Library; take part in the Wise Words photography and writing course at Canterbury Christchurch University, and to conduct a personal 365 for the year 2012 – 2013, and take a picture wherever I am each day in the year.
The 365 Year in the Life of Sheppey has opened out much more than simply taking snaps of the place in which I live, it has also helped me explore more deeply the Isle of Sheppey and look for ways of recording what I see by means of the camera. I would like the ordinary people, young or old to do the same.

…James Apps – Sheppey

From the feedback it shows people enjoyed viewing the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. It’s a brilliant idea and focuses on the postive aspect of the island an island I love living on and exploring. (…)Let me know please if you do a similar project in the future please and wish you luck on future ventures, this was one amazing year and was so proud to be part of it.

…Julia McDougall – Sheppey

Your work in organizing this has definitely won the hearts of the people of Faversham and kindled an interest in photography so much so that membership of the Faversham Camera Club has more than doubled over the last two years.
As one of the contributing photographers I felt privileged to be able to exhibit my pictures alongside some truly amazing images. Last years exhibition was for me the highlight of the Faversham Hop Festival.
This inspirational and extremely successful undertaking has been a great asset for the people and town of Faversham both for the way it brings the town’s people together to record the year, and for the remarkable result it produces.

…Greg Cullen – Faversham

There are a great many positive outcomes to this. From my point of view one of the most important aspects is the way it gives people the opportunity to express what is important to them about the city in which they live, through the medium of photography, which they otherwise wouldn’t have.
I think citizenship and civic pride play a huge part in maintaining and improving the environment of our towns and cities, and this is linked to the quality of life that people experience going about their everyday living.
This project encourages these goals by making people aware of what is good and valuable about their city, which quite often they take for granted or don’t even notice.

…John Walker – Canterbury

At a personal level, the project has given me great pleasure and has encouraged me to expand my use of my camera. Taking photos for the Year in the Life project has made me look with new eyes at the place where I live and has encouraged me to be more adventurous in my approach to photography.

…Jan Pahl – Canterbury

I feel it has brought photographers from all levels and experiences together to celebrate the diverse activities in and around the town of Faversham.

…Neil Brown – Faversham

I was interested in the social aspects of the project, documenting life through the eyes of the people that use the city. I have been out snapping in all sorts of places and this has helped enhance my sense of place in Canterbury.
Some of the images I shot were noticed by a colleague and after some meetings, I secured some paid work to shoot images for a book which is due to be published. This resulted in another piece of work. The Kent Creative Arts project fuelled my passion for photography with a broad but focused subject to reflect on. I am excited about where photography will take me and continuing to contribute to the project.
It would be wonderful if the project could secure funding that matches my enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunities it has created for me.

…Rebecca Douglas – Canterbury

On taking this photo 365 days project I have discovered the history of the towns & found places of interest to take photos, which in turn has helped me to develop my camera skills, and to have my photos published in the local Faversham and Sheppey papers has given me encouragement to see the 365 days to the end.

…Rex Piles – Faversham

I have taken part in ‘A year in the life of Faversham’ since its inception, and this year am also taking part in the Canterbury sister project. The project has been a great focus for my photography, encouraging me to take more pictures and experiment more. It has also made me look at the town in a different way; seeing things I wouldn’t normally have noticed. I’ve got a lot out of the project, not least the interaction with the community when out and about taking photographs.Long may the project keep going!

…Richard Drew – Faversham

What I find most exciting is how different people see their town in a different way—a truth impressively revealed in the exhibition. It brings people together and makes them feel their town is a very special place indeed

…Genevieve Ellis – Faversham

I think for a town as small as Faversham it’s important to have projects like this running as well as other things, it gives us a sense of community, gives us a chance to get involved and it feels great if (like me) your photo gets chosen.
Doing a project like this helps me to explore my photography skills, and meet new people and look at our little town through different eyes. I also think that a project like a year in the life if important not just for exploring my artistic side and documenting town life but to attract visitors to our town as well.
To sum up I think it’s a great idea I’m glad to have this exciting opportunity to take part in such an interesting community activity.

…Leanda Lewis – Faversham

The first exhibition totally inspired me to want to take part and now this is the second time I have participated. The project has been very professionally put together with the exhibition, 365 book and calendar and I hope future projects will be able to gain the necessary funding for such a big task.
It is an inspirational idea to capture the town of Faversham over the course of a year for future generations to enjoy. The project is aimed at all members of the community, young and old, amateur or professional. It has motivated me to be involved with the town I have grown up in and loved and really gives a sense of community spirit. It is also a great way of getting new visitors to explore our wonderful town.

…Mary Ransom – Faversham

I have found the discipline of taking a daily photograph stimulating and challenging and find myself constantly on the look out for an “opportunity”.
As a result of this activity the photographs have fed into my practice as a printmaker and I have produced a whole series of prints developed from the photographs.

…Ruth McDonald – Faversham

As a photographer, it has been advantageous in helping me re-focus and develop my skills in photography. It also enables me to become more engaged with the community in Faversham and the surrounding countryside which I might otherwise have overlooked.

…Susan – Faversham

A really interesting and significant celebration of the daily life of the Town and its area. It has certainly renewed my interest and pride in Faversham and the act of recording what is important to me has enabled me to contribute in a unique way. A Year in the Life has made me notice aspects of the Town and its fabric and to develop my photography for a purpose as well a learning from others’ work. It’s amazing how inexhaustible people’s creativeness is. Long may the Project continue.

…Tony Cartwright – Faversham

It has encouraged me to get out and about with my camera a lot more. The images sent in by other participants have given me more ideas for taking photographs. I do hope that the project continues in the future as it is definitely great fun

…Caroline – Sheppey

I know that I am benefitting enormously from taking part in the Year in the Life project. It has presented me with an enjoyable challenge, motivating me to take as many photographs as I can of the Isle of Sheppey. I get a lot of satisfaction from finding interesting people, and asking them about their stories, their history, and their knowledge about the Island, and I’ve laughed with them along the way.
I think the project is of great value, and would love to see more of this type of work being done in the area

…Jo Eden – Sheppey

I just wanted to relate the fun that this project has given myself and my family, it has not only been a pleasure to take part in, but we have all found ourselves looking at the world with a heightened sense of artistic framework. Now we see a picture in puddles on a rainy day, or in the arrangement of windblown debris. Taking a camera out with us has become the norm., just in case we get that ‘lucky shot’ or miss something unusual. I do hope this project continues and is repeated.

…Richard Jefferies – Sheppey