Sheppey 2012

Starting on January 1st 2011 until 31st December 2011 a team of photographers has captured the people and places of the Isle of Sheppey. All their pictures were displayed at Castle Connections in Queenborough during the Promenade Festival.





The 365 project is the result of a collective work, where individuals submitted photographs during the year 2011, capturing glimpses of life around them. It is quite astonishing the amount of creative talent that has come out of it.

As a commitment to the idea of community photography, it was designed not only to reveal, define and preserve the Island’s identity, but also to help change the way people relate to the place they live in and appreciate it.
‘A Year in the Life of Sheppey’ brought together the work of 29 photographers through 365 photographs – one for each day of the year – selected by a judging panel out of 1476 pictures submitted by 44 photographers. It shows the different ways in which to capture Sheppey, the well known as well as the less reported aspects of life. The photographs offer an opportunity to see the work of amateurs alongside the work of established photographers.

365 combines the objectivity of documentary with a reflective and artistic approach. The result is a fragmented information about life telling a story visually, and revealing a proud community.
The subjects covered by the photographers are extremely diverse. Their photographs explore what people do at home and at work, presenting day-to-day life as it is lived. They also describe the colourful way they entertain themselves. The pictures capture other moments too, objects and landscapes. This diversity demonstrates the various ways the photographers observe aspects of their community.
Along the way, the photographs remind us of how much we have to lose. The Island around us is changing, with traditional characteristics slowly disappearing, buildings being built and destroyed, people coming and going, so these images become part of our visual heritage. They make us aware and create things to think about.
This project was designed to take you on a journey through Sheppey and we hope it is a pleasant one.

We would like to thank the photographers whose commitment over the year has been fantastic. This is their work. We are also immensely grateful to all those individuals who helped, and to our sponsors and funders. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

With special thanks to the jury panel:

  • Emma Grove, Kent Messenger Group
  • Paul Murray, Head of Community Cohesion, The Isle of Sheppey Academy
  • Sioux Peto, Swale Arts Forum
  • Paul Price, Kent Science Park & Chair of Swale Business Awards
  • Cllr Stephen Worrell, Swale Mayor
  • Cllr Ben Stokes, Swale Mayor and Mayoress Sylvia Bennett

Nathalie Banaigs, Project Manager