Whitstable 2014

'A Year in the Life of Whitstable' ran from 4th July to 31st August 2014 at the Whitstable Museum and Gallery

 The 365 photo exhibition ‘A Year in the Life of Whitstable’ was officially opened on Friday 4th July by comedian Sandi Toksvig, supporter of the project and local resident.

During the whole year 2013, 147 people joined the 365 project in Whitstable to document life in the town in 3870 images.
The final 365 images (less than 10% of the total submissions) came from 66 photographers; they are presented in the exhibition and in a book. They were selected by a judging panel that included celebrity photographer Brian Aris.

Photographers shared their views, feelings and experiences using the power of photography. The reasons why they took photographs as part of this community project are varied: simply because they enjoy photography, to improve their photographic skills, to help promote Whitstable, to learn about the area, to be more active or to meet new people. Whatever their motivations, together, they produced a yearly record of life in Whitstable for visitors to explore, creating a collective memory.

Visitors to the exhibition might expect iconic images of the town, and they will not be disappointed. But it is also important to look beyond the actual images and read what else they may show, whether it is positive or not; a passion, the historical importance of a building, concerns over social issues … or a simple depiction of everyday life.
It is by no mean a full records of events in Whitstable, it is not either about recording the good bits only. It is about all aspects of life in Whitstable as perceived by the people who live there. The project didn’t dictate what participants chose to photograph or which pictures the judges chose from those submitted.

The judging panel

  • Brian Aris, Photographer
  • Catriona Cambpell, Marketing Consultant
  • Rachel Deeson, Editor of ‘Bygone Kent’
  • Margaret Smith, Photographer and members of the Friends of Whitstable Museum