“That was a delightful salon! Wonderful singer and such a generous performance. Very powerful message as well as delivery. Good to meet people too.”

“Thank you Nathalie for another lovely evening. I’ve met friends and made new ones, but the opportunity to, just for a while, separate myself from the pressures and worries of the world is invaluable. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you so much for organising the Salon yesterday evening. It was most interesting to hear Laure’s recital and her words about Perfect Pitch.”

“I really enjoyed the Salon last night and I hope to attend more of your evenings in the future. Congratulations on creating such an interesting event.”

“It was such a successful and convivial gathering. It was a real treat.”

“It was wonderful meeting you on Tuesday. I loved meeting everyone and hearing their stories.”

“I enjoyed it and did meet some new interesting people and saw some friends so it was good! What a wonderful location too! I will make a note on my calendar for the last Tuesday of each month.”

“A delightful evening of good wine and food and company, and I certainly look forward to further evenings.”

“It was a very enjoyable evening, lovely people and inspiring conversation. I look forward to next months gathering, you are so good at organising and bringing people together.”

“It was a great mixture of familiar and new and I shall certainly come to future events.”

“We enjoyed ourselves and had some interesting conversations. I’ll block out future Tuesdays.”

“I very much enjoyed meeting you & think the idea of these monthly rendezvous is excellent as there are so many interesting & creative people living in the area. I look forward to the next one!”

“The venue is very inviting, and a beautiful space; we enjoyed the informal atmosphere and delicious refreshments. And well done for introducing Faversham to the concept of a Salon: a bold initiative!”


Photography & filming: room27ipd / Kevin Ralph and Nathalie Banaigs.