Social Journal


The Social Journal – A group for artists and creatives to make meaningful ART JOURNALS whilst reflecting, exploring, creating and sharing during our time in isolation.

This period is an opportunity for all of us, together, to journal our experiences and to share our emotions and activities through art journaling. You can combine a variety of techniques writing, drawing, painting and collaging… not just digital stuff. It’s good to get away from screens…

Practising artists
At the end of each day, making notes via an art journal will give you the freedom to practice and develop as an artist. The discussions you will have with your peers will help you develop even further. A perfect opportunity to realise your artistic potential and compile ideas that you can use afterwards in your practice.

Non practising artists
Both a personal diary and a creative release, an art journal is a perfect opportunity to let your imagination wild, whilst keeping a record of your thoughts and ideas. It is a liberating process.


Having a goal or choosing a theme makes it easier and you’ll get more satisfaction making it. So, we are suggesting two ways to do this, both inspired by what we feel and see during the day.

1 – fill up a notebook with your activities whilst in isolation, your daily walk, your shopping, your thoughts, your feelings… about this extraordinary experience. Recording, collecting, remembering… in a diary.

2– getting inspiration from virtual museums collections. Not being able to go out and visit museums is frustrating. However, all sorts of virtual visits are now possible, discovering new sources of artistic inspiration. It’s OK to maintain a little bit of technology in this project, so we will share links to a number of them.

So… cover your notebook pages with notes, words, quotes, drawings, sketches, wishes, emotions, stick photos on, sew fabrics on…. You will enjoy going through them and finding inspiration and forgotten ideas. Remember there is no right or wrong.

Post on Instagram using #KentCreativeSocialJournal and join our Facebook group to take part.