Stacey Jayne

Stacey is taking part in our coming Home is a Feeling show in Faversham on 13th and 14th November.

Describe what you do as a creative.

I’m a metalsmith and jewellery designer based in Margate. I believe that jewellery should make you feel special and be a part of your memories throughout life. I explore, form, contrast and patination which create my signature statement pieces.
With a passion for brutalist architecture clearly visible in my work, I have a flair for meshing contrasting materials like concrete, brass and silver with delicate finishes; each piece holding its own journey whereby the properties of the materials lead the outcome.
I trust my imagination, innovation and experimentation to inform my process, allowing the metals and patinas to influence the direction and shape each piece of jewellery takes. Consequently, no one piece of jewellery is the same.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A lingerie designer! In the near future I’ll have a collaborative line with jewellery and lingerie. Watch this space!!

How did you begin doing what you do?

It all started with a belt buckle!
I was always and still am, very expressive with my clothing and the way I visually arrange my life, but I didn’t realise I was a jewellery designer and metalsmith until about 7 years ago.
I found this beautiful large brass belt buckle and created it into a necklace, it was very simple but people kept asking me about it and if I could make them one. So I decided to do a short evening course at the Camden Working Mans club and I was hooked!
After the 6 week course I set up a workbench in my flat and began to teach myself, and the rest is history!!

What turns on your creativity?

I’m fascinated and inspired by brutal architecture and I am very fortunate to have travelled a lot and seen so many incredible buildings. I also find inspiration in cloud formations, sunsets and concrete – a random mix I know!

What do you like best about your work?

That it’s perfectly imperfect!
No two pieces are the same and I love that about my work.
I love texture and using less precious materials like brass and concrete alongside precious silver to make jewellery that is unique and beautiful.

When were you most satisfied in your work?

My golden moment so far is being asked my a dear friend to create a collection for his catwalk show at The Tate Modern. It was amazing to show my jewellery in such a prestigious and brilliant place.

Describe a memorable response to your work?

I recently got emailed from a woman that bought a brass ring to say that she was loving wearing my piece, that it was so bold and she wears it when wants to feel powerful! It’s a pretty special thing to hear that my jewellery can enable such a feeling.

What is the most exciting part of your work at the moment?

My jewels are usually quite geometric, with strong lines and circles and triangles everywhere, but at the moment I’m exploring new ways of working with silver in a more raw form. Allowing the silver to choose its own shape and texture and the results are so cool!!

Which artists / creative people are your heroes and inspiring figures?

So many to choose from! Alexander Calder is a total icon of course!
Also there are so many incredible jewellery artists out there at the moment – inspiration is everywhere!

Tell us a lesson life has taught you.

Lead with kindness 😉

Author: nathalieb